Saturday, February 21, 2009


Snelling is one of those too flat for me races that I avoided for my first 2 seasons.  Even today about halfway through the race I reached down for my water bottle and went from 2nd to 80th place in the peloton.  I definitely prefer the races with the big hills that tend to thin the pack a bit.

But, it's a big turnout race for our team, so I did it last year and did it again today.  According to the pre-reg numbers we had the 2nd biggest team after Rocknasium with 9 riders.  

The team rode incredible today.  We had guys attacking, counter attacking and getting 1 or 2 guys in every break.

I had a bit of good luck late in the race.  We had Hutch and Rich up the road in a break of 5 and me and our other 6 guys were patrolling the front of the field.  I kind of lost focus for a bit and found myself about 50 riders back with Paul and I told him we better get to the front.  So, I was motoring up the right side of the field and just as I got near the front I noticed that Metcalfe (Specialized) had a gap in front of the pack, so I didn't have to accelerate too hard to break away from the pack, but it took just about everything I had for a mile or 2 before I caught him.  We both really buried ourselves to stay ahead of the pack that started to get real close, but after a couple good turns and some really hard pulls we had a safe gap.

A few miles later we caught the break and with 3 of the 7 in the break, I was part of a 1-2-3 Morgan Stanley sweep at the finish!

Great teamwork today guys!


Manley Man said...

Congrats! I would have lost money if I thought you'd win this race given your love for the hills. We're all in trouble now ;)

phipps said...

Todd, thanks. I thought I'd see you out there. Clark looked strong, but could have used a few teammates.

Pete aka Taxi777 said...

Sounds like the polo fields workouts dragging everyone around in circles are really kicking up your Crit skills.
Exciting race report and congrats!

pedro said...

i need to do more spin classes... sheesh, nice work by the climber on the flat course!