Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Training Week May 18 - 24, 2009

Monday - 50 min lunch spin class - moderate
Tuesday - 1:30 GG Park Sprints - hard with some tempo
Wednesday - 50 min lunch spin class - hard
Thursday - 1:15 Polo field paceline tempo - hard
Friday - 50 min lunch spin class easy (HR mostly in the 80's, didn't go above 100)
Saturday - 1:30 prerace ride with Greg M. - GG Park, Land's End, Presidio, Fort Point. A few hard 1 min hills.
Sunday - Mt. Hamilton RR - 35+/45+ combined. After Lyman tried a dig, I got away around mile 8. Held it over the top for the KOM and kept going solo until I was caught at mile 45 by the Specialized train (Casey, Innes & Metcalfe) with Lyman geting a free ride. Being outnumbered 3-2, and being the 2 slowest sprinters, Lyman and I knew we had to attack. I went 1st, unsuccessfully, then Lyman went with Casey chasing. They stayed away with Casey taking the sprint. Innes led out the sprint for 3rd with Metcalfe beating me by a couple feet. Unfortunately though Casey & Lyman were DQ'd by the refs for crossing the center line as they followed the moto by a Cat 3 pack, so Metcalfe was awarded the win and I was given 2nd.
Real bummer for Casey as this is the 2nd time a win has been taken from him. At least the podium makeup didn't change with Specialized still 1-3 and us in 2nd.

Long cooldown ride back to SJ with a good group. (total of about 5 hrs riding).
Thanks to Chris Hipp for the time gap updates and for moto pacing the ride back to SJ.

Weekly totals - 9:15 riding, 2:30 spinning - 11:45 total.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Training Week May 11 - 17

Monday - Off
Tuesday - GG Park sprints + some tempo on the polo fields - 2:00
Wednesday - Lunch spin class - 50 min
Thursday - Bike to work day & home - 1 hr total. Yeah, I only bike to work on Bike to Work day, but it's not like I drive the rest of the time, I take public transit. The reason I don't bike more regularly is that there is no safe place to keep the bike since we can't bring them in my building.
Friday - Lunch spn class - 50 min
Saturday - slept in until 9, then 4 hr solo ride to Stinson, then to the top of Tam, it was warm, but not too bad. Went hard on the climbs.
Sunday - slept in until 9 again (I could get used to this) - 1 hr ride through the Presidio, then back to the park to watch Bay to Breakers revelers.

Weekly Totals - 8 hrs cycling, 1:40 spin, 9:40 total.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Training Week - May 4 - 10, 2009

Monday – 45 min lunch spin class moderate
Tuesday – Eve ride – Alpine Dam with Paul & the Thirsty Bears. Good effort most of the way with some hard climbing – 3:15 total ride
Wednesday – 55 min lunch spin class (Alex) – hard
Thursday – Polo field tempo + Land’s End/Presidio loop – 2hrs
Friday – easy 30 min lunch spin
Saturday – 1:20 AM ride in GG Park & Presidio with Greg – added a few sprints at the end.
Sunday – Berkeley Hills RR (35+ 1/2/3) – No breakaways that lasted this year, and we still had about 15 on the final lap – The team did great work keeping it together and chasing down breaks until I chased a Dylan Casey attack and got away solo on the last 2 climbs. There’s no way I could have won without their help, especially Brenon and Greg on the last lap. Thanks guys! – 4 hours total riding.

Weekly totals – 10:35 riding, 2:10 spinning – 12:45 total.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Training Week April 27 - May 3, 2009

Busy work week & race/rain on the weekend, not a lot of hours on the bike.

Monday - 45 min spin class easy
Tuesday - GG Park sprints + some polo tempo + a few hills = 2:00
Wednesday - Lunch spin class with Alex - 55 min hard. - I think he was punishing me (& the rest of the clas) for dropping him at Wente.
Thursday - Easy polo field ride - 1:20
Friday - Lunch spin class - 50 min with a few hard intervals.
Saturday Cat's Hill - Good w/u - Greg A broke away for the 1st Prime, then I broke away after a few laps. A few laps later Dan Martin bridged up to me. We built a good lead, then he powered away from me on the final lap. 1:40 total riding.
Sunday - Easy ride with about 40 min moderate tempo on the polo field. 1:15 total ride.

Weekly totals: 6:15 riding, 2:30 spin class - 8:45 total.