Sunday, December 28, 2008

Training Week December 22 - 28, 2008

Monday - Off (YMCA Closed)
Tuesday - PM - Intervals at the polo field - no one else showed up.  1 x 6 mi Z1 (15:52), 1 x 12 mi Z2 (15:31, 15:18 - 30:49), 1 x 6 mi Z3, last lap Z4 (14:51) - 1:45 total ride.
Wednesday - office closed at 3 - only able to ride 45 min after work.
Thursday - Christmas morning - raining - single speed ride in GG Park - 1 Hr.
Friday - Rode to SportsBasement, met Pete & Ramon, ro
de to San Bruno Mtn.  Did 2 x hill - 18:45, 17:20.  3:15 total ride.
Saturday - 1:45 Zone 1 ride in GG Park
Sunday - Lyman's Napa ride - Great group, 10 completed the whole.  Not too cold, just a little rain, only a couple flats for the whole group, 3 big climbs (glad Lucas didn't go hard).  4:45 total ride. 

After the ride we were all tired and hungry and very pleasantly surprised to see the awesome buffet Carm had laid out for us.  Here Hans really piles it on.
Weekly total 13:15 riding.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Training Week December 15 - 21, 2008

Monday - Spin class at lunch 45 min
Tuesday - Back to back spin classes after work 1:45 total
Wednesday - Spin class at lunch 45 min
Thursday - Sick of spin classes, rode bike in rain after work - did a few sprints - 1 hr ride, 1 hr cleaning crap off bike.
Friday - Happy birthday to me (39) - It was raining and I didn't feel like getting my Tarmac dirty, so I rode the single speed up twin peaks 3 times. - 1:15 total. - Office Holiday Party - drank too much.
Saturday - Yea, no rain!! - Rode to Marshall with Drywall - lots of Zone 2 & 3 stuff & I won the 7-11 sprint - 6.5 hour total ride.
Sunday - Dang it, rain again - tooled aroung GG park on the single speed for 1 hour, then watched 8 episodes of Lost on DVD. Only 22 more episodes before I'm all caught up and ready to watch season 5 when it starts next month.

Weekly totals - 3:15 on spin bike, 9:45 on real bike. 13:00 total.
Gained a pound back this week.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Training Week December 8 - 14, 2008

Monday - Off
Tuesday - Evening Polo field ride - 3 x 6 mile tempo Zone 1, 2, 3.  16:15, 15:33, 15:01 - 90 min total ride.
Wednesday - 50 min spin class
Thursday - Evening polo field ride - Sprints - 10 x 30 sec sprint with 5 min recovery - 90 min total ride
Friday - 50 min spin class
Saturday - 5 hour ride to Pt. Reyes Station & back on Hwy. 1 - mostly with Zteam guys - felt much better than last week & week before.

Sunday - Rain - I'm no pro, so I took the day off and walked to the Academy of Sciences with K.  Finally saw the really cool new Planetarium show.

Weekly Total - 1:40 spin class, 8:00 riding - 9:40 total.
Sunday waking weight - 141.5 - Yea, I can start eating dessert again!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Training Week December 1 - 7, 2008

Monday - Spin class full of people trying to work off Thanksgiving dinner.  I had to wait until class was over   - 50 min ride on spin bike low resistance, high cadence.
Tuesday - Evening intervals at the polo field.  3 x 4 mile tempo (10:29, 10:15, 9:51) - 90 min total
Wednesday - Spin class - 45 min high resistance, low cadence.
Thursday - Evening intervals at the polo field - 8 x 30 sec sprint with 5 min recovery. 90 min total
Friday - 45 min spin class
Saturday - Rode to San Bruno Mtn. - 3 Hr total ride
Felt harder than I thought it would.  Hope to do them each 1 min faster next time.

Sunday - long easy ride to Pt. Reyes Station & back - 5 hrs, mostly Zone 1.  Solo on way out.  Rode most of the way back with Doug from the OC.

Weekly Totals: 2:20 spin class, 11:00 riding.  13:20 total.
Weight: Monday AM - 146.5, Sunday AM - 1:42.5

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cookies = training setback

I was making good progress getting down to my New Year's Day goal weight of 139, but then we received 3 big boxes of cookies in the office today. I just can't resist them and will grab one every time I go by until they're all gone.

They all appear to be from legitimate vendors of ours. Haven't received a box from Anderson, Metcalfe, Innes & Roemer Consulting yet.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Training Week November 24 - 30, 2008 - No More Running!

Monday - Easy 25 min lunch run
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - Easy 25 min lunch run - Office closed early went out for a (3) beer (s) with Village crew.
Thursday - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Crystal Springs Turkey Trot - 19th year straight. Felt worse than ever before and ran my slowest time since my first year of high school (18:49). Worst finish ever 21st, and lost to Jeremy (on the left, ran about 17:30) for only the 2nd time ever, so mow I'm 17-2 against him. We have a bet to see who will keep showing up the longest. We've both been there 19 straight, but our CSM coach Bob Rush (center) has been there for over 40 years without missing one and is still running strong. Way to go coach rush!
This was also the first time I ever saw the winner (Paul Wellman 14:57 - awesome time!) finish while I still had over 1K to go. After the race I had a nice easy cooldown run with many old friends, then it was over to coach Rush's for bloody Marys. 40 min total running.

Friday - Post turkey day ride in GG Park (I noticed that about 1 million people decided to go to the Academy of Sciences today since no one else would be doing that on the day after Thanksgiving. Longest lines I ever saw there). Riding around the CX course I hit a wet root and went over the handlebars and tweaked my shoulder pretty good. Decided to do laps on the polo field track and caught and passed some guy on a Pista who was too cool to wear a helmet or say hello when I greeted him. 1:15 riding.

Saturday - Long ride in Marin - 1st time on the road bike in about 2 weeks - Rode to Roasters to meet Paul, Hans, Eric, Chris and a few others. Went to Pt. Reyes & up Limantour then south on 1. I was feeling pretty sapped all day, then bonked on final climb on Hwy 1. Everyone dropped me on the final climb today - enjoy it while you can fellas. 5:15 riding.

Sunday - I decided that it was not a good day to try my first cyclocross race and just rode the single speed to the Cow Palace to check out the bike swap. Lots of great deals on stuff I really don't need. Resisted the temptation to buy the Red brake calipers, cassette, wheels and lots of other things and ended up just getting a pair of new winter gloves for $20. - 1:15 total ride.

Weighed myself after dinner and was 148, so I started drinking water until I hit 150. It was the first time I've been at 150 in many years. I better get back down to under 140 by January 1st.

This month is so tough too since the goodie baskets from our vendors start coming in this week.

Weekly totals - Running 1:30, 7:45 riding - 9:15 total.