Monday, January 26, 2009

Training Week January 19-25

Tough week getting back to work after camp and having a nasty head cold.

Monday - Last day of Camp - 55 miles, 3 Hrs.
Tuesday - PM easy 1:15 ride at the Polo Fields
Wednesday - 45 min spin class
Thursday - Off
Friday - Off
Saturday - Early Bird RR - Really thought I should skip this one since I wasn't feeling great and it was thretening rain, but I was close by visiting my sister, so I decided to do it. Weather ended up being great. We had 3 of the 10 in the 35+ 1/2/3 race. It was a good simulation of the 2nd half of a race with a 10 man break. I tried to get away on the hill and hold it all the way back, but Hernando could see me ahead and was able to pull me back in a few miles after the descent. We traded even pulls the rest of the way and had a good sprint where I just went a little too far left to get around him. After my relegation we finished 2, 3 (Cole) 6, (Dyrwal). It was a fun race and glad it was short. About 3 hours total between race, warm-up and cooldown.
Sunday - Off

Weekly totals - 7:15 riding, 45 min spin class - 8 hours total.

2 comments: said...

whaaat? you were relegated?

oh damn, sorry Chris. didn't know about that.

i didn't think you were too far over the line on the sprint, but considering all the damn cars out there and that it was a pretty blind uphill sprint, i can see how the officials would be stricklers.

well, you were the winner in my book, bud. great racing with you out there, as always.

phipps said...

Thanks, it sure was fun to be racing again. I do agree with the relegation though. I knew it when I looked down and saw the double yellow, but got back to the right side as quick as I could.