Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Camp update part 2 - & Training Week January 12 - 18

Weather continued to be perfect, or maybe even too warm.

Saturday - 82 miles about 4:45 riding including the 55 minute Figueroa climb. Riding as hard as I could, I still couldn't beat 1 of my teammates, he'll be our secret weapon.

Sunday - 88 miles in 4:15, pace was real fast on the flats, I finally won a KOM on the last climb of the day.

Monday - 58 miles in 3:00 - a relatively easy final day.

Camp totals - 6 days, 25 hours riding, 475 miles.

Weekly Totals (Monday through Sunday) - 23:20 riding, 442 miles.


Manley Man said...

Which way did you climb Figueroa? Clockwise or counter-clockwise? I was told that clockwise is the way to go.

We're doing our training camp down in Solvang next weekend.

phipps said...

We went counter clockwise. There were some gravel sections on the climb, but the descent was great.

Manley Man said...

If there's a way you could somehow send me your routes it would be great. SJBC is doing a training weekend down there (Solvang) next weekend and we're working on finalizing our rides. Figueroa is something we want to do on Saturday; ideally as a loop of around 90 miles.

BTW, those Fat Tires are sure tasty! Thanks again...

phipps said...

I have a map of the Figueroa route we took I can scan and e-mail to you.
Send me an e-mail
cphippsrun at yahoo