Friday, January 16, 2009

Camp update #1, this is January?

The weather has been too incredible to believe. No need for any of the usual January peripherals, leg warmers, arm warmers, vests, whatever. It's been about 60 at the start and 80 by the end of each ride.

Wednesday - SJ to Big Sur with extension in Pebble Beach - 112 miles, 6 hours
9 to start the ride, 5 of us rode the whole way with the others taking turns driving support.
Thursday - Big Sur to SLO - 106 miles (I took a drive shift and only got in 80 miles in 4 hours).
The coast was incredible!
I won the city limit sprint for SLO, mostly because the other guys didn't see it until I had a gap.
Friday - SLO to Los Alamos - Great riding through Pismo Beach. 55 miles, 3 hours - easy pace. Resting up for the big ride tomorrow.

So glad to be in CA. I hear the weather in the midwest is a bit chilly this week.

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Carl (knotty) said...

Yep same here in SF Chris, the weather has been absolutely great and still is, 70 degs, sunny. So nice to leave all the warmers home.

Did Paradise loop everyday of the week. Sounds like some great scenery your riding in.

Ride safe.