Monday, September 1, 2008

Giro - a long day in the chamois

Slept in until 9, put on the kit at 10 for the 25 min ride downtown for the Metromint Giro di SF.   It was one of those rare warm days in the city  so I didn't need arm or leg warmers or a wind vest.  After picking up my 2 numbers and pinning them on separate jerseys I hung out at the Roaring Mouse tent for a bit then spun around a while for a warm-up.

35+ 1/2/3 - shortened to 22 laps (16.5 miles) - I got in a few breaks and won a prime when off solo, but it came down to a pack sprint.  Bosch won.  For us, Caldwell was 8th, Rich was 11th and I was 17th, 2 spots behind Scott Cole.  We were tied for 2nd in Cal Cup points, so he won the tie breaker.

A few hours and 5 Metromint waters later was the P/1/2 race with somewhere around 125 riders for 55 laps (40 miles).  I spent about 15 laps in the last 4 or 5 places, then decided to move up.  It took a few laps, but once I got there I got in a couple breaks and even went solo for a couple laps, but it was too early and I couldn't maintain it so I spent the rest of the race hanging in the main pack while a breakaway got within 30 seconds of lapping us.  AJM beat Wohlberg for the win, I was way back in the pack and finished 52nd.

Nice and easy cool-down ride home - got home around 6:30 completely exhausted and sat around drinking beer and eating Kettle Chips for about 1 hour before taking off the kit and hopping in the shower.

Daily total - 80+ miles and 4+ hours of riding. 9.5 hours in the chamois.

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veloandvino said...

glad you made it safe thru 2 giro's. i was busy tapering..3 bottles of vino, good cuban cigars, and ate for 4 hrs. this track stuff is really fun...