Monday, July 7, 2008

Training Week June 30 - July 6, 2008

Monday – 60 min spin class – moderate
Tuesday – GG Park sprints – Hard as usual – 90 min
Wednesday – 45 min spin class – moderate
Thursday – 2 hour GG park ride with some polo field intervals
Friday – Easy 45 minute ride
Saturday – Long ride over Tam cut short by a broken spoke and 3 pinch flats (probably mostly due to way out of true wheel) – 3:30 total ride. (note to self, pack a spoke wrench in the saddle bag)
Sunday – Intervals on the TT bike – painful but fast – 90 min

Weekly Total: 11 hours.

I was hoping to get in 4-5 hours on Saturday and a couple of good long climbs, but bike wasn’t cooperating. After yesterday’s ride on the TT bike I feel ready for Cascade though.

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