Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Training Week July 21 - 27, 2008

Monday – Off
Tuesday – GG Park Hammer Ride – 90 min
Wednesday – 30 min easy spin at Y.
Thursday – 1:15 easy GG Park ride, mostly drafting behind Harold.
Friday – 1:15 easy ride on district course – 2 laps

Saturday – District 35+ race – Reaney, Hernandez & LaBerge rolled off on the first lap while I was watching Innes, Martin & Bryant. I tried attacking about 50 times (about 47 times too many). A lot of us stayed together after we caught a dropped LaBerge we had a sprint for 3rd. I rolled in the back for 11th. race was about 2:50, 3:30 total riding.

Sunday – District 35+ Crit – About 90 min before the race I realized that I didn’t have my shoes. I was able to borrow a pair of shoes & pedals from Dan’s wife Andy. I only attacked about 40 times, but again it came down to a pack sprint, so I rolled across in the back. – 90 min total

Weekly total: 9.5 Hours

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