Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Move here and root root root for the visiting team

I went to the Giants game last night because my office has season tickets and they gave me a couple. I was born and live in SF and descend from several generations of SF natives, and naturally I grew up as a fan of the Giants and 49ers. I've always been the casual type of fan who would go to a few games a year if tickets came up, but only if I had nothing else going on since I am much more interested in my own pursuits and in following the professionals in the fringe sports I participate in.

So, last night I’m at the Giants/Cubs game and the visiting Cubs may not have had quite as many fans as the Giants, but it was close and they were certainly much more vocal and excited about the game, and whenever they scored, the stadium roared.

This is not the first time I’ve seen this phenomenon in the Bay Area, just ask any A’s fan who’s ever been to a home game against the Yankees or Red Sox. Though I have no first hand knowledge, I’ve been told that this is something that you don’t see in Boston, New York or Chicago.

Here in the Bay Area we have tens if not hundreds of thousands of people who have moved here from east coast and mid west cities. They continue to remain loyal to their home cities’ sports teams but not to their home cities, otherwise why would they have moved here?

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Anonymous said...

Funny considering that Cubs fans in Wrigley rarely know anything about what the Cubs are doing, since Wrigley is the worlds largest outdoor bar. You are right though, Bay Area fans are few and far between