Monday, June 15, 2009

Training Week June 8 - 14, 2009

Monday - Lunch spin class 50 min moderate
Tuesday - GG Park Sprints/Tempo - 2:05 total ride
Wednesday - Lunch spin class 50 min hard
Thursday - Polo field tempo - moderate - 2:00 total
Friday - Lunch spin class 50 min moderate
Saturday - Pescadero RR - only had Cole & Charles PW with me.  4 man break got away on the 1st lap & built a nearly 4 min lead.  Specialized guys (Casey, D'aluisio) did most of the work brining it back.  I probably spent more time with my face in the wind than I should have.  It came down to Innes, Cole and me on the final climb and that's how we finished.  Probably doesn't show, but I'm always learning, especially in the races I don't win. Still, a very fun race. - 4:00 total ride.
Sunday - lots of sleep - polo fields were deserted, good for a solo tempo ride. 2:00 total.

Weekly totals:  10:05 cycling, 2:30 spinning - 12:35 total

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