Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Training Week June 15 - 21, 2009

Busy work week, tiring weekend, need more time to train & rest.

Monday - Off
Tuesday - Polo Field/GG Park sprints - hard - 2:45
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Polo Field tempo - moderate - 1:45
Friday - lunch spin class - 55 min
Saturday - 1:15 hr w/u - Diablo Hill Climb TT - 3rd in 25:53. Nate was 1st in 24:11 with Justin 2nd in 25:24. Total riding - 2:00

Sunday - Nevada City - Very long day. Left at 8:30, drove to Scott's. We got to Nevada City around 11:30. Easy 45 min w/u for 35+ race. Got in 3 man break with Casey & Metcalfe. Tried to get away about every other lap on the climb, but couldn't. Finished 2nd to Casey. Much better experience than my 1st time here 2 years ago when I took the bottom turn 2 fast & crashed into the haybails, got back in the race and crashed again in the same place.

The P/1/2 race was total mayhem with Lance, Levi & Horner added to an already stacked field. I heard there were 130 starters. I almost crashed 3 times during the "neutral" first lap, but then assumed the safe tailgunner position for the first 2 laps as the field got totally strung out. I proceeded to move up around 10 spots per lap for several laps until I started having to bridge bigger and bigger gaps between packs. I think I was on my 12th or 13th lap when Lance, Levi & Ben Jacques-Maynes came by. It was the first time I'd ever been lapped & didn't know if it was OK for us to jump on the train, but the others in the small group I was with did, so I did too, for about a lap. It didn't look like they were pulling anyone unless they only pulled riders who were getting lapped to a certain point, and then stopped after they pulled enough guys out? I don't know, but I just kept going for the full 90 minutes since it was so much fun to race through that crowd. I got lapped by many guys (some more than once) and I even lapped some guys, but I heard there were only around 35 who finished. It will be interesting to see how they sort out the results.

Total riding time for Sunday was about 3:30. Got home around 12:30 AM, one wheel short, so my front wheel had fallen off the bike rack somewhere between Nevada City & Oakland.

Weekly totals: 10:00 riding, 55 spin class - 10:55 total.

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