Sunday, December 14, 2008

Training Week December 8 - 14, 2008

Monday - Off
Tuesday - Evening Polo field ride - 3 x 6 mile tempo Zone 1, 2, 3.  16:15, 15:33, 15:01 - 90 min total ride.
Wednesday - 50 min spin class
Thursday - Evening polo field ride - Sprints - 10 x 30 sec sprint with 5 min recovery - 90 min total ride
Friday - 50 min spin class
Saturday - 5 hour ride to Pt. Reyes Station & back on Hwy. 1 - mostly with Zteam guys - felt much better than last week & week before.

Sunday - Rain - I'm no pro, so I took the day off and walked to the Academy of Sciences with K.  Finally saw the really cool new Planetarium show.

Weekly Total - 1:40 spin class, 8:00 riding - 9:40 total.
Sunday waking weight - 141.5 - Yea, I can start eating dessert again!


Nome Agusta said...

Sprints in December?

No thanks, I'll stick to the single speed night MTB rides at Lake Chabot, and climbing everything on the road bike in the big ring.

Happy birthday BTW. said...

greg lemond recommended sprints all year long.

awesome cat pic, chris!

see you out there,

phipps said...

I thought I'd get an early start on the sprinting. I've never tried sprint workouts this early before and I thought it couldn't hurt.

We get a pretty good group of hammerheads out at the Polo field for these workouts and that really helps.