Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cookies = training setback

I was making good progress getting down to my New Year's Day goal weight of 139, but then we received 3 big boxes of cookies in the office today. I just can't resist them and will grab one every time I go by until they're all gone.

They all appear to be from legitimate vendors of ours. Haven't received a box from Anderson, Metcalfe, Innes & Roemer Consulting yet.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, they look delicious! I'll take some off your hands, just let me know.

I think your 150 lb weight would be the equivalent of me at 205. (I'm hovering at around 200 right now) Kind of crazy, huh?

phipps said...

Greg - cookies all gone, maybe next time.

Good to see I only need to produce 75% of your power to keep up with you on the climbs. Will you be at San Bruno on Jan 1?

Pete aka Taxi777 said...

Don't show me those Cookies! I'm trying to loose 5 lbs before Jan. 1