Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pulled over by the SFPD

Last night’s Tuesday GG Park hammer ride was going along just as it always does, we were about halfway through and really pushing the pace up JFK. There were about 12 of us, strung out single file and I was leading when I heard a car horn blaring behind us. The first thought that comes to my mind is “we’re going 23 and the speed limit is only 25 and this f-er wants to pass, I’ll just speed up”.

So, I attack and get up to 27 or 28 and notice that no one’s coming with me, but I keep going until I hear the police siren, so I pull over to the right side of the lane, but don’t slow down right away until I realize “Oh, sh*% he’s pulling ME over"

Man was he pissed! He thought I was trying to get away from him and demanded to see my license. As I fumbled through my pockets looking for it, then realized that I didn’t have it, the rest of our group rolls up and stops. I became all humble and apologetic, telling him that I didn’t realize he was behind us since I was in the front and couldn’t hear him and that I thought it was OK to ride in the middle of the road since I was going the speed limit. The cop was starting to calm down and was just telling us to stay to the right and that he wouldn’t site us all for blowing through the stop signs..
Then this ZteaM guy whose name reminds me of an intersection

starts arguing with the cop about how we’re like a bus and since we’re EXCEEDING the speed limit we’re not holding up traffic (I’m thinking, DUDE, don’t argue with the guy, it’s not helping!)
Luckily he let us go with a warning and we were back to our usual mayhem within 5 minutes.

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Tall & Manley said...

Sometimes being quiet is the best thing to do around a cop.