Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Training Week January 18 - 24, 2010

Rain every day and being busy at work & tired from camp, this was a good week for a rest week.

Monday - Drove home from camp - stopped for butter, pancakes, eggs, butter & pancakes.
Tuesday - Back at work - 2 x 400M - 25lb cat in carrier carry to vet & back
Wednesday - Took spin class at M2 - 2 hrs - Started with building warm-up (50 min Ave 230W), then went out too hard on 20 min interval, ave 373W for 1st 10 min, 361W for full 20 min. Was too tired to properly do 4 x 5 min intervals that followed, but felt better at the end (290W, 328W, 357W, 391W). - 1827kJ for the 2 hrs.
Thursday - lunch run with Patti - 1st run in a few weeks - as always, running feels good for about a mile, then less so. She was half-wheeling me all the way back at 7:15 pace, which felt fast to me. I'm not in great running shape.
Friday - Off
Saturday - 4 hr ride in Marin - most of it with Dyrwal - Alpine Dam, 7 sisters (he kicked my ass in the 7 Sisters sprint), down to Stinson & back up Panoramic & home - 67 miles - 6,000 ft of climbing
Sunday - Walked to the Farmers Market with K.

Weekly totals - 4 hrs riding, 2 hr spin class, 37 min run. 6:37 total.

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