Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Training Week July 20 - 26, 2009

Been laggin on the bloggin again.

Typical work week workouts:

M-W-F 45 min lunch spin classes
Tue - GG Park Sprints - 2 Hrs.
Thu - 90 min ride, nothing too hard.

Sat - Drove up to Woodfords with Charles, our 40+ district race started at 11:10.
It was hot, probably around 90, so glad the race was only 55 miles. Race started off real fast with Todd Weitzenberg being real aggressive. The pack pretty much blew up on the 1st climb and on the stretch to the finish, Todd got away with David Albrecht & Brenon. After that what was left of the pack slowed. I kept trying to jump across, but couldn't escape without company until the climbs on the 2nd lap where Chris Wire & I got away clean. We worked together for a lap, but then saw the pack getting close as we started the climbs on the 3rd lap, so I had to take off. I was able to bridge up to the lead 3 and with Brenon in there, we had 2 of the 4, but we played nice until the final lap with Brenon taking some extra long pulls (thanks!). On the final climbs Todd went 1st, then I punched it with all I had left and was able to get a gap and TT it to the finish for my 1st district championship win. For a race that was only 55 miles (about 2:20 riding time), it really took a lot out of me since I wasn't used to the altitude & 90 degree heat.

Sunday - Minden Crit - my plan was to sit in for at least 30 minutes, then try 1 all out attack to get away. Well, for some reason I never stick to the plan & started attacking after about 10 minutes and every 5 minutes thereafter, but nothing was getting away. Charles was looking strong & being real aggressive, which was great to see. On the final lap, I was leading the pack into turn 1 and was going just a bit too fast, so I slid out of the race. Got some nasty road rash, but at least no one else went down or hit me, so it could have been a lot worse. Sorry to those who were forced outside of me & lost their position for the final sprint.

Driving back from Tahoe on 50 was a huge mistake. 50 & 80 were parking lots @ 105 degrees & we were without AC, no fun for sure. I'll be sure to take 88 home next time.

Weekly totals: 8:00 riding, 2:15 spin class, 10:15 total.

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