Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Training Week August 3 - 9, 2009

I am in such a workout rut Mon-Fri, but it's been working OK, so I'll keep doing it.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 45 min lunch spin class
Tuesday - GG Park sprints - hard - 2:00 total
Thursday - Polo field tempo - 2:00 total ride
Saturday - City loop ride with Greg - 2:00 - a few short hard hills
Sunday - Patterson Pass RR - 35+ We had 4 (Cole, Daly, Lyman & me). It was hot, & I was called out for being wasteful with the limited water. (Sorry about that, I'll be more sparing next time). I pushed the climbs and would get a little gap on the field over the top, and as the race wore on there were fewer and fewer left until only 7 of us remained after the 3rd time over Patterson Pass. I kept throwing in attacks, but it wasn't enough to drop or tire out Bosch who took the sprint over Nils (2nd) & Cole (3rd). Bryant, me & Irish Greg picked up the remaining 3 t-shirts.

Weekly totals - 9:45 riding, 2:15 spin classes - 12:00 total.

Next up, Tour of Utah.


Anonymous said...

oh man, when i did Patterson Pass last year, I was so dehydrated by the finish! One neutral water zone per 22 mile lap is not enough! If I did it again, I would take at least three bottles each time, screw whatever unwritten rules there are.

djconnel said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!!

And I agree criticism against those dumping water on heads is unfounded. If a competing racer gives you his personal water and you dump that, that's bogus, but it's reasonable to expect the promoters prepared for the forecast conditions.