Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Training Week July 27 - August 2, 2009

After the crit crash on Sunday, I decided to take a few days off, so M-T-W I didn't exercise. Though I did trade in my old Dodge Caravan for $4,500 (Cash for Clunkers) & bought a new Honda Fit. I would have preferred to buy American, but Ford didn't have a compact hatchback (Focus is only in a sedan for now & the Fiesta won't be here for a while), & I wasn't really interested in the Chevy Aveo.

Anyway, back to the training:

Thursday & Friday - 45 min lunch spin classes.
Saturday Elite District RR @ Fort Ord. - 105 miles - 10 laps. Pace on the climbs was brisk on the 1st 3 laps until the winning break of 5 got away. (Mach, Moore, DuBost, Riffelmacher, Pickett). I was near the front when I saw this happen, and in most cases would have chased, but with 75 miles left to ride & not feeling that great I decided to sit in and let others chase.
The break stayed away & I didn't do too much, just got in my long training ride & finished near the back of what was left of the pack in 17th.
Sunday - easy 90 min park ride.

Weekly totals - 6 hrs riding, 1:30 spin class - 7:30 total.

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