Monday, March 16, 2009

Training Week March 9 - 15, 2009

Monday - Lunch spin class 50 min
Tuesday - GG Park Tuesday Night race simulation - With the time change, the Tuesday hammerfest is back. Roaring Mouse guys made me work really hard. Who needs to go to Oakland for the Port ride when you can max out your HR just a few blocks from home? - Total ride - 2 Hr.
Wednesday - 45 min lunch spin
Thursday - GG Park - Polo field fast paceline ride, no sprints, just about 8 guys riding fast - 1:30
Friday - 45 min lunch spin class
Saturday - Madera - w/u, crit (pack finish), drive to TT, w/u - rode 22:07 (10 mi.) for 4th (1 sec behind Metcalfe - dang! - Lyman's 21:29 to win was amazing). - Total riding - 2 HR
Sunday Road Race - 68 miles - 2:46 by my watch - 1st 3 miles were slow neutral. 17 mile laps took about 39-40 min each. We kept it together for a pack sprint, I was a ways back. - 3:00 total ride

Weekly total - 2:20 spin, 8:30 riding - 10:50 total.


Ryan said...

hey chris - it's ryan bennett here. i was going to start doing the park ride. is that fully going on right now at 6pm on tuesdays? if so i'll be there tomorrow

phipps said...

Yep, it's on.
We always welcome guys like you who make the rest of us hurt more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Congratulations to you and the MS squad at Madera...nice work!
-Craig Nunes

phipps said...


Thanks. I'm sorry you missed your TT start.

Anonymous said...

Missing my TT start time was a blessing in disguise. I was sick this weekend but also in denial of my it. I almost went home after the crit(should of) but talked myself into giving it one more go..."I will feel better in an hour so....right??...WRONG!" I fell asleep in the car and then confused my TT start time...this now made the decision to drive back home easy. Time to rest up and get healthy for future racing fun.
BTW--4th in a flat TT by a featherweight climbing machine is mucho impressive...and Lyman's TT skills are off the hook!
-Craig Nunes

Anonymous said...

Edit..."denial of it"