Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Training Week May 19 - 26

I started the year keeping a very accurate log of all my training on an excel spreadsheet on my phone, but I never got around to backing it up and my phone crashed so I lost it all.

So I've decided to copy Mark Fennell and post my training every week.

Here's last week:

Mon - 30 min spin class at lunch
Tues - Park Sprints - 90 min - hard
Wed - 45 min spin class at lunch
Thu - 75 min park ride - moderate
Fri - 60 min easy park ride
Sat - 60 min easy ride on new bike
Sun - Mt Ham Race + Ride back to start - About 6 hours total

Weekly total 12 hours

1 comment:

Marco Fanelli said...

Ha... My sneaky plan worked! Now we'll all emulate your training schedule and then we'll go up-hill as fast as you!