Thursday, October 2, 2008

Running Hurts!

I ran almost every day from July of 1985 until July 2005 when I bought a road bike. After a couple rides I thought, "dang, this is a much better way to get around". I just about quit running cold turkey, but still do a few runs in the off season to remind myself how much it hurts. Also, I have to get back in running shape for the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot at Crystal Springs, a race I've been going to for 18 years straight on that classic XC course that I've raced on over 50 times.

I went for a 35 minute run yesterday, my first real run this year. I felt great for the first 10 minutes, then a little less great for the next 15 minutes, then pretty crappy for the last 10 minutes. But the worst thing about it is how I feel today. My quads, calves, shins, and hamstrings are totally sore!

Running is evil!

I think I'll go 2 or 3 times next week.

If I stop hurting so much I may even try a duathlon.


Anonymous said...

that's funny, I also did my first run in a long time earlier this week and it felt exactly the same - terrible.

But I ran again today and it felt better (how could it not?). I would also like to do enough running to put in a respectable Thanksgiving Day race somewhere - I will check out that Crystal Springs one, it looks good.

phipps said...

Yeah, I can't believe how sore I am, but the first day back to running is always the worst.

The Crystal Springs race is real low key, but it's a course I raced on about 20 times in high school, so I like to go back to compare times.

I may do the Run to the Far Side 5K that Sunday too.

Hope to see you out there.

Manley Man said...

I played in my first basketball game in nearly 2 years a few weeks ago. The running up and down the court put me out of commission for almost a week.

I was thinking about adding a bit of running into the winter cross-training plan, but this might get re-evaluated. Grabbing my surfboard is starting to look better and better.

phipps said...

Yes, surfing sounds much more appealing, but aren't you in San Jose?

Manley Man said...

Yup, but my favorite longboard breaks in Santa Cruz/Capitola are only 25 minutes away.