Wednesday, October 29, 2008


of baseball.

Yes, the baseball world championships (aka the World Series) is over and the USA has once again dominated!

1st - Philadelphia (USA)
2nd - Tampa Bay (USA)
3rd - Boston (USA)
4th - Los Angeles (USA)
5th - Chicago (USA)

Way to go USA!

I believe that's 31 in a row for the USA and 105 of the last 106!


Anonymous said...

yeah, so much for Japan - they got the shit kicked out of them! I don't even think they made the top 25...

phipps said...

Yeah, and I thought they were supposed to be good!

Hey Greg, gfood job at Shoreline! That's an impressive pace for someone who's been on a bike and not running too much.

I'm afraid to go to a track and find out how slow I am actually running these days.