Monday, August 18, 2008

Training Week August 11 - 17, 2008

Monday – Easy 30 min lunch spin on crappy upright bike at YMCA. At least it had a display of watts and I was able to watch some Olympic stuff.

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – 30 min easy spin at lunch, 1:45 ride on polo field track with a few sprints and intervals.

Thursday – M2 spin class. After warm up did intervals of 10 min (326 watts for 1st 4 min, then 346 for 1 min, 330 for 4 min, 420 for 1 minute), then 3 x 3 minutes – 359W, 350W, 366W, then a bunch of 30 sec on, 30 sec off intervals.
1:15 total. For a guy who never trains with power, it was great to do a workout with some concrete numbers.

Friday – Easy 30 min spin.

Saturday – Bike Forums Alpine Dam ride – fun group, but lots of stopping and waiting. Ride that normally takes 4 hours took nearly 6. (4 hours riding)

Sunday – Rapha ride from Palo Alto Bicycles. Really cool ride, large group of about 60-70 riders. Rode Page Mill over Skyline, down Alpine, up Haskins, had to turn around at the top due to road closure (motorcyclist had gone over the edge on descent – haven’t heard anything about his condition), back down 84 to Stage, stopped at San Gregorio market for lunch, then hard effort up Tunitas and back down via Kings Mtn, Woodside, Whiskey Hill and Sand Hill. Total ride of about 4 hours. Ride was followed by food and showing of the new Paris Roubaix movie by the fine folks at Palo Alto Bicycles.

Weekly total. 12.5 hours.

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