Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Training Week Feb 22 - 28, 2010

Pretty bad week for training, but it's a long season, so maybe this year I won't peak in May.

Mon Feb 22 - NCNCA Meeting in Fremont - No training
Tue Feb 23 - rain, no training
Wed Feb 24 - Led 5:30 class @ M2 - 90 min spinning
Thu Feb 25 - Built up old blue SL2 for Saturday's race - no training
Fri Feb 26 - Drove out to Ripon to see Jen & family - dinner at Canal St. Grill - no training.
Sat Feb 27 - Snelling RR 35+ - 10 min easy ride, warm-up 1st ride on new build, bike felt fine. We had about 85 starters. It wasn't raining, but the course was flooded in several areas, so we had many deep water crossings to deal with.

I felt awful in the 1st lap as I tried to find my bike legs. The pace was fast & lots of guys were getting dropped. THings settled down for laps 2 & 3 and I started to feel better. We lost a few guys to flats (Dyrwal, Oliver & Holtz), but the rest of us were active at the front trying to establish a break.

As we started the final lap, Chris Baker rolled off the front (with a couple Taleo guys I believe). Several guys started to chase hard& I jumped on. I heard Innes yell from behind that we had a gap and that it was time to go. I think we had about 10 guys & never really got organized, but there were a few guys in there taking hard pulls, so we got a good gap. I can't remember exactly where, but at some point Innes, Bryant and I got a gap and took off. I was barely hanging on, but lasted with them until they took off for the sprint with Innes taking it, so I rolled across in 3rd. I though Baker came in 6th, but the results show him in 7th.
Took most of the drive home to thaw the feet out.

Sunday - City/Marin Headland ride with McQuaid - No rain, blue skies & warm - 90 min ride turned into 3:15.

Weekly totals: 6:15 riding, 90 min spin - 7:45 total.

Time to start putting in more hours on the bike.

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