Monday, November 3, 2008

Training Week October 27 - November 2, 2008

Monday - 35 min run.
Tuesday - 1:15 Polo field ride easy
Wednesday - 25 min run
Thursday - off
Friday - 35 min run with mile on track (5:27)
Saturday - off
Sunday - Morgan Stanley east bay training ride - Rockridge to Diablo junstion & back. About 5.5 hours riding including ride to BART & back.

Weekly Totals - 1:35 running, 6:45 cycling - 8:20 total.


veloandvino said...

Monday-wake up at 4am after falling to sleep at 1am.
Tuesday-meetings from 8-6 then dinner until11pm
Wed-same as tuesday
Thurs-8-3 then train to RI
Friday-jogged for 5 minutes, was sore for 3 days
Sat-train 1 hr, 7hr flight
Sunday-mtn bike 2hrs
travel 20hrs
jogged 5 min!

Pete aka Taxi777 said...

Hey Chris, dig the blog dude! That pict of the team is the bomb! Look forward to riding with you soon...Rock on dude...


Cathy said thanks Karin for the nice note...and lets dine again soon.