Thursday, November 5, 2009

More off Season Stuff

Congratulations to the new NCNCA officers: Lorri, Michael, Tad & Bob!

I'm not too bummed about losing the Treasurer election to Tad. I'm sure he'll do a great job and I'll find some other way to help out with the NCNCA BOD.

I haven't been on my bike since LKHC #4, (11 days now!) which I think is a record for me.

I have been going to a lot of M2 Revolution spin classes though and will be teaching my first class on Monday November 16 at 6:15 PM. This will be a free introductory class for people who want to come see what M2 is all about.

I've been running more and did an 8 mile run Sunday and a tempo run yesterday with 4 x 5 min at an unknown pace that felt really fast. I think I'll go to the track next week and find out the truth.

Here's a schedule things I'll be doing in the off season:

Nov 7 - Saturday - Lead bike for NCAA D2 Western Regional XC race at GG Park
Nov 8 - Sunday - 17th Annual Tour of SF Hills - 9AM At Marina (SF) Safeway parking lot
Nov 9 - Monday - M2 Spin Class 6:15 (80 min class)
Nov 10 - Tuesday - New Balance Excelsior running workout

Nov 14 - Saturday - Timing the Run Forrest Run 5K in Monterey

Nov 16 - Monday - Leading Intro Class - Spinning with Power at M2 - come join us!

Nov 21 - Saturday - SF Bike Expo at the Cow Palace - need to find some cheap parts
Nov 22 - Sunday - Pacific Association Cross Country Championships at GG Park - will either be lead bike, or could be talked into racing though I would probably be one of the last 10 finishers since I'm only 39.9 years old and have to race open.

Nov 26 - Thanksgiving - Don Dooley Memorial Turkey Trot & Alumni World Championship Cross Country Race at Crystal Springs in Belmont. - 9AM

Nov 27 or 28 - Some "Epic" training ride of some sort somewhere in the Bay Area

Nov 29 - RUN WILD - 5K or 10K - GG Park - If I haven't given up running my then.

Dec 9 - 4PM - Dentist Appointment

Dec 13 - Sunday - Christmas Relays - 4 x 4.6 mile run around lake merced - If the open team needs me I can run.

Dec 19 - Saturday - My 40th Birthday - Will either ride Tam, San Bruno, Hamilton, Diablo, or possibly all of the above if I can fit it in.

Dec 20 - Sunday - My Masters Running debut at the Miracle Mile in GG Park - 1 Mile downhill - If I can't break 5, I will quit running.

Dec 24 or 26 or 27 - San Bruno Hill Climb Training Ride

January 1, 2010 - San Bruno Hill Climb


Anonymous said...

Heard you are with the Special kids now. Why the change?

Never been to M2 - too far away. Now that you are teaching spin classes, I know you have an opinion of the Spinerval DVD workout series? Some of the extras Coach Troy throws in like Isometric Squats and High cadence spinning while standing up really hurt and I wonder how beneficial these extras are. Seems like the variety is broad: trashing riders vs. more aerobic sessions. Not sure about his latest creation of being on the trainer for 5+ hrs simulating a 100 mile effort. Maybe this could be an alternative to doing a 100 mile effort around the horse track.

phipps said...

Was about to switch teams, but decided to stay with MS.

I'm not a big fan of doing things like isometric squats, or anything on a spin bike that you wouldn't ordinarily do on a regular bike (such as isolations or high cadence out of the saddle), though I do like to do high cadence in the saddle on the spin bike, usually higher than I do on the road. I prefer to keep my indoor sessions to under 2 hours.